Tuesday, June 30, 2009

人的天性~是善 ? 是恶 ?

A person not be be named--- A

A, Can i borrow blue pen?

I don't have. A answered.

blue pen wo ..

I really dont have .. A answered.

I seem to be confused with her answer. The blue pen is just infront of my view. On the table of hers..
Then i said : " Is this a blue pen ? "

She answer ...u can take it . A answered.

Huh? why u said u dont have when i'm asking u just now?

A answered : " Wat is all ppl keep asking from me? The pen inside the QA lab is always missing. U should take care of the pen of yours."

When i heard this, my face turned red immediately. I can't bear anymore. You are a supervisor here and you are acting like a CHILD. Is this the way u treat ppl?

I really feel hurts with her words. I treat ppl in a good manner way but what i get in return?
Half day my mind keep thinking .....~~~????
What wrong with the human being now? why we cant live happily ?
why cant we treat ppl nicely? why have to cheat in order to get what you desired?

In the newspaper, there are a lots of articles mentioning crimes, smuggling, drug trafficking and others. Why human being like to choose the SHORT CUT in order to success?
They didn't think of other people well being?

Make my brain going to explode thinking of WHY? and u cant even get the answer...
Is the time ...today is tuesday....SS13 pasar malam again...wao...
great...really excited...
wats the special TONG SHUI for today?

biscuit ~ RM 5.00 for 3 types Mango 1kg for RM 5.00 豆宣—RM 1.60

Monday, June 29, 2009


今天的天气。很温和,像是会下雨的可能性很大。不像平常那样炎热。 大家都是一母子叫好。

可是。。我却。。心灵之窗下了场大雨! 在别人面前时常装坚强的终于崩溃了。

为什么? 为什么 ? 我很想象其他人一样可以有个避风港。 可是我却没有。 当我伤心时,我不会打电话回家告诉家人因为会令他们担心、不会打给妹妹因为他从来不把我的事放在心上(只会一味责骂)、不会打给朋友(真不知道我现在的好友是谁了)。 谁是我可以把肩膀靠在身边的人呢? 没有。 我只有默默的忍气吞声。。到了极限就像今天那样。

如果。。to be continue...

Friday, June 26, 2009

SAD ~~ time really flew ! Farewell to Shin Yee and Li Fung



时间过得真快。。快得连我都不敢相信!之前我进去 HAVI 实习都是她们在“ 带 ”我的。

她 们要离我而去了。六日七日将是开学日!! UPM 开学咯 ! 别误会我是 UKM 的。 唉。。。大家都开学了只剩下工程系的一班 --- 第四学年的要等到九月才能回大学。。。有点怀念大学生活了。。原因 :政策 system 改变。 实习 原本 两个月变 五个月。

芯仪 ~ 靓女 一 丽芳~ 靓女 二

UPM 也有美女噢!哈哈! 她们是我在实习认识的好朋友。 陪我度过漫长的实习时间。 我们一起吃饭、网上购物、讨论 “是非 ”、赶时间回公司 —— 午饭去逛街 (SUNWAY PIRAMID - ETUDE NAIL ART SHOP ) 。哈哈 !! 这就是女人的天性。

忙呀忙! 今天是他们最后一天在 HAVI 了。
一大早就在准备爱心 “万年青 ”-- 一种植物给 HAVI 的同事们。

是不是很美哪? 杯子上还有写着 THANK YOU 
和她们的名字呢! ~~ 好有心思 ~~

 她们还给我一袋呢!    谢谢!:>

 “青青” 河边草 ? 

最后当然也少不了跟她们的合照咯 ! 笑一个 ~~

再见哦 “我的 朋友 ” ! 天有无不散之筵席 !我们还会有见面的一天不是吗?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

How to make your own Kim Chi and Mashed Patato ?

Thinking of making your own KIM CHI instead of buying for RM 6.00 at the Jusco departmental store? Mashed Potato ------ KFC ?

This time i am here to share about the secrect recipe of making this 2 dishes who is taught by 2 trainee from UPM -- li fung and shin yee. Thanks to them i am able to taste delicious food.

Emily : How to make Kimchi ?
Li Fung and Shin Yee ( UPM trainee at HAVI logistic) : It is very easy .

First prepare the ingredients. They are :

Miso Paste Apple Cider Chili powder

The ingredients are shown as the above :

miso paste
chili paste ( BOH brand )
chili powder
Apple cider

1) Peel the cabbage into pieces to your desired size.
2) Cut the carrot and ginger into small slices.
3) Wash all these 3 type of ingredients before placing it into a container with water. Add some salt into it and soak it for half and hour.
4) pour out the salt water from the container.
5) Fill them into another container and add in miso paste, chili paste, chili powder and the most important of all APPLE CIDER.
6) Keep it in the fridge for 3 ~4 hours then it is ready to be served.

The ingredients are :

Fresh Milk ( Dutch Lady @ HL )

1) Remove the potato "skin". The cut the potato into 4 parts of each potato.
2) Cut the carrot into pieces but not slices.
3) Prepared onion and garlic.
4) Put the peel off potato, carrot, onion and garlic into the stainless steel container.
5) Fill the container with water covered all of the ingredients.
6) Add some salt and boil it unitl the ingredients inside is soft to be chew or munch especially for the carrot which takes longer time to soften. In other case, you can boli the carrot first before putting other ingredients.
7) When all the ingredients are cooked, take them out and add some butter and a slice of cheese for flavoring.
8) Then crushed all the cooked ingredient in a large bowl.
9) Taste the mashed potato before you served it. Add butter if it is not salty!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

SS 13 夜市

好难吃的印度糕~ RM 0.50



印度煎饼~~RM 1.00 (两片)

今天又是星期二了。 时间过的好快,又有夜市的一天。 好高兴这一天的来临因为可以喝糖水。 之前买了南瓜 的 , 鸳鸯 的, 还有玉粟蠋 的。

哇!! 莫摩查查完了?怎么快? 我去的时候那个老板已经卖得 七七八八 了。 只剩下 花生 和 茶蛋 。 我只好选择茶蛋。

“老板 ! 莫摩查查呢? ”
妈, 刚才我们不是叫的吗?
好啦!!走 !


那!你的茶蛋 , 多给你一粒 !
我听了有点错愕。 可是临机一“想 ”就回答 “谢谢”。 应该是老板赶着收档。 

~炒萝卜糕~ RM 3.00(小)

粽子 ~ RM 3.50 (一粒)
RM 10.00 (三粒)

粽子, 萝卜糕, 青豆, 茶蛋

茶蛋 ~~ RM 1.60

Saturday, June 20, 2009

终于有了冲劲往前走 ! ! !

在这里要特别谢谢好多关心我的朋友们。 在我很无助的时候伸出他们的 “ 耳朵 ”。 聆听我的不快乐。 我是一个不爱讲心事的一个女孩。 遇到逆境容易退缩。 平时看像很乐观的我其实心灵很脆弱。


(一):爱唱歌的槟城朋友, 现在在 k tar, kampar 读这书。

(二):老友————爱唱 K 。 对他的事业也是彷徨。




谢谢你们的一路支持与鼓励。谢谢 !!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

A little girl ~ EMily

I was born in a home sweet home where i have a non-stop smoking dad, mumble all the time mother and a cute sister ( previosly not recently, now like mother tiger ) . HUh....my friends always curious where i am staying. I have been stayed in Kelantan since i was small. I still remember there is a big compund of house where there is a garden with flowers like FU gui hwa, Jasmine flower there. So miss them now..but the house already sold out. Somore, i can cycle around my house compund there... :>

When i was 10 years old, i moved to Jerteh, Terengganu. It was a small, non developed town. There is a big compund where there is no building infront of my house. In fact half miles away is a TELEKOM building. Seeing now, there are a lot of shoplots building opposite my house. I am thinking of investing the shoplot opposite. Yet, NO $$$. heehe...my fren's parents own a restaurant there - SUNTOO where there is a place JERTEH people mostly hang out. As you know, there is 3 chinese restaurant in JERTEH town... huhu...hardly to buy pork also. That is why u see me skinny all the time. RIght?

AFter my primary school at JERTEH, I rented a room at KB, Kelantan. There is where i stay there for 5 years since form 1 until form 5. I have been moving the room form one house to another. The 3rd seem suit me. Belongs to my mother's friend house.

1st, friends moving to KL leaving me alone.
2nd, there is dog bugs keeps biting my whole body ( very itchy ) then make my whole body irritated. Cant stand on it at last. QUIKLY move lor...very scary that time seeing my skin all reddish. CRY all the time...i still remember my dad brought me to see the "LOk DAng" something is the chinese bomoh which there is a spirit inside them. Then inspect me...they did a ceremony. Thinking of this is a good memoir.
3rd, I stayed there quite a long period. Starting from form 2 til form 5.


Now ......haiz...internship at HAVI logistic (M) Sdn Bhd. Is a factory where supply the burger buns for MC DONALD, BURGER KING, MARRY BROWN and A&W.
Quite boring the life here.
I am happy when friends come and visit me although it is once in a blue moon.
Thank you for you all visiting.
Wan yee, sin yee, Jing shen and Tian Huang (and their friend), and Guang.

I now put my finger crossed i will in a happy mood all the time. This is because i realized that you can earn a lot of $$$ in your life. Yet u wont get HAPPINESS if u dont go and look for it.