Tuesday, June 30, 2009

人的天性~是善 ? 是恶 ?

A person not be be named--- A

A, Can i borrow blue pen?

I don't have. A answered.

blue pen wo ..

I really dont have .. A answered.

I seem to be confused with her answer. The blue pen is just infront of my view. On the table of hers..
Then i said : " Is this a blue pen ? "

She answer ...u can take it . A answered.

Huh? why u said u dont have when i'm asking u just now?

A answered : " Wat is all ppl keep asking from me? The pen inside the QA lab is always missing. U should take care of the pen of yours."

When i heard this, my face turned red immediately. I can't bear anymore. You are a supervisor here and you are acting like a CHILD. Is this the way u treat ppl?

I really feel hurts with her words. I treat ppl in a good manner way but what i get in return?
Half day my mind keep thinking .....~~~????
What wrong with the human being now? why we cant live happily ?
why cant we treat ppl nicely? why have to cheat in order to get what you desired?

In the newspaper, there are a lots of articles mentioning crimes, smuggling, drug trafficking and others. Why human being like to choose the SHORT CUT in order to success?
They didn't think of other people well being?

Make my brain going to explode thinking of WHY? and u cant even get the answer...
Is the time ...today is tuesday....SS13 pasar malam again...wao...
great...really excited...
wats the special TONG SHUI for today?

biscuit ~ RM 5.00 for 3 types Mango 1kg for RM 5.00 豆宣—RM 1.60

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