Sunday, January 31, 2010

Italiannies @ The GARden~

30th January, 2.30pm ~The Garden~
we had conquered this place

Oyster KING @ The Garden

This is the value set available there ~only cost RM 9.80
I am an oyster maniac.
This is my 2nd visit for this shop..
Yet, i din't order the oyster since it was 11am in the morning and in my opinion a plate of oyster is alot for me at the early of morning...
NOT my appetite at that moment

I ordered a WUN CHAI KO which is only cost me RM 2.50

I din't order any drinks since it was quite costly~~

I waited for my food for some time and I managed to capture a photo at there...~~HAPPY..~~
Thanks to Shiao Yun who was just accompany me to take my breakfast on that day
she din't order any food but i offer her my WUN CHAI KO
~~share share~~

Here come my dishes ~~WUN CHAI KO
there were fried garlic on top of the "kuih" which give a fragrant aroma
many comments are nice most of the reason is its gravy
and the "kuih" has smooth texture
in addition it tates good when mixed with the BELACAN at the side of the kuih


What a coincidence that day...I met up with Shu ting...We are from KMM
While chatting with shiao yun, shu ting appear to be at the counter of Oyster King. I was surprised. Out of the blue, she also spotted me...
she claimed that she was helping at the shop here...
opened by her friend~
no wonder, I just remembered that i received an email from her about the shop
We asked the waitress to take photo for us...~

Add :

Oyster King,
Mid Valley City Gardens,

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Thursday, January 28, 2010



哈哈!还好今天他在facebook add 我。。真的没想到。 之前他说他只玩friendster 的。感动到。。
再次看到他的照片时, 真的才发现我想念他。。因为眼眶不知不觉的含泪水。很久没有这种的感觉了。。。他竟然可以在我心中占了那么多吗? 连我自己也不晓得。。。

犹记得, 去年的这个时候我们才刚认识。 刚拍完宣传照。那时还不会跟他很熟。 可是进了camp 之后才对他慢慢的更深的了解了。
他这人很随和, 很风趣, 很可爱。。有时候笨笨的却惹人喜爱。。
跟他在一起的时候,很开心, 不用故意的掩饰自己,什么都跟他讲。。因为他就是那种不会伤害别人的人。。也因此这样,那时候跟他特别好。。。


Monday, January 25, 2010

Birthday celebration for SOPHIA

Sophia birthday that day....

in a 25 room of green box at sungai wang, we gave her a surprise with this birthday cake

sing sing sing

sing until sleeP?? become sleeping beauty ? wakaka...

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3 in 1


Happy birthday to u
happy birthday to u
happy birhtday to sophia
happy birthday to UUUU...


we took many photo that, i post up all....
finally, wish her 24th birthday ya...
this is the last and 1st time celebrate birthday for her during her uni life..
coz...they are graduating soon...
time flew ......4th year already. Cant imagine that i have known this gurl for 4 years since my 1st year in uni...
She is a great person indeed, helping with lots of my stuff...appreciate it..
Hope she haS a bright future after graduate..
so do all of my 4th year coursemates

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tasty POT ~ PJS 8, Sunway


Before we went for steamboating, we gathered at sunway piramid. We had a window shopping at there (most of them are) but i bought an eye gel liner ( EYESTUDIO brand) at Watson
cost me RM 39.90

There was a chinese dance perfomance at the ground floor. Is was really fascinating.
Can you spot the pink and green tiger on the stage?
when i first saw it i thought it was a catterpillar or some insect. Yet, when i think carefully just realize that it was a tiger indeed. funny and cute it is right?

when i saw the performance made me had the feeling of chinse new is around the corner
and i am looking forward for it...

The dancers were dancing gracefully

it was very NICE~~

After the shopping, we went to PJS 8 which is loacted opposite Sunway piramid.
we had to made a U-turn of the highway in order to reach the other side.
still remember that when i was driving, there was a car which full of guy inside and their car is infront of mine. They kept looking at the back which my car was.
And i was very curious whats wrong with my car or anything wrong with me?
After some time, from their expression i just notice that they were like talking about me...
damm WU2 liao2.....

I was the last to arrive at there, while huey ling was waiting at YUEN there...cause we haven't been to the new place before...this time we were heading to tasty pot which is a new place steamboating for me..
I always visit YUEN~~
thinking of that i feel nauseating...
always eat YUEN..

WAN YEE was late because she have something to do at SCHOOL
She is a teacher after all...
teaching primary students..wOW

That day, her friend sent her she also joined us that day..

This is our LAM SIEW~~~
working at staying at puchong now
but work around time square...
buddy~~dont forget to take me gai gai there ya

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my dearest ex-roomate
so miss her after all..
become more and more leng lui ady....
so envy they all working ..can earn $$$
wakaka...when will be my turn then?

holding the crab hand~~auch!!! dont bite me....that day the crab is really huge and it was very tasty...

OPPS>>>forget to take single picture of my cute housemate too--- LEANNE YEE
haha...hope she will forgive me..
She pretty as before...
a gurl who love shopping very much...
that day when shopping at sunway piramid..she brought us to shoes shop which called ????
forget ady...erm...
so forgetful eh ..
when got chance ask her again.

this was the prawn...huge leh~~~
sure you all also want to eat leh...

especially the CRABS...the flesh is very soft and sweet when cooked in the herbs chicken flavour soup...

This is ah MARK...~~
our frequent house guest (last time) wakaka
every visit our house to play DOTA
see his expression ham SAP

the food inside is ready~~~

the table is full of food...

this is the menu on the table that day ...
we had a "kok po" tea

There are 6 types of different flavour soup available in this shop
which made is special from YUEN or other steamboating shop which has only tomyam and normal chicken soup

WE order 1) TOM YAM and 2) Chinese herbal soup
frankly speaking the TOm yam is damm spicy..
it really made my lips went red and "sexy" ...
they all claimed that my lips became a bulk..
not even me the only but also huey ling also cant stand the spicy of the tom yam
LIANNE and i said luckily we didn't order the "CHONG QING SPICY soup"
but is the shop ppl had wrongly given us this type of soup??
we really dont have idea about that ..wakaka...

ADD : No 9, Jalan PJS 8/18, Dataran Sunway Mentari,
Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Tel/Fax: 03-56301282